Paper Towel Holder

When a mess occurs, the first thing we grab is a paper towel. They are a valuable part of our household that we take for granted. And yet, how often do we hurriedly grab more than we need or contaminate the roll with dirty hands because of how the roll dispenser is constructed?

Because most holders are only a single post:

  • Two hands are required to remove a sheet
  • Germs are left on the remaining roll from the hand holding it
  • More towels are used than are needed
  • Frustration and contamination result

Most germs are transferred with the hands. Only 5% of people wash their hands correctly to remove germs. Therefore, 95% pass on germs with the hands. Therefore, good health starts with clean hands.


That is why we developed a paper towel holder with a self-adjusting clamp to keep the roll under control while removing a single or multiple sheets as required, while using only one hand. Other models use springs that apply too much pressure at the beginning of the roll and not enough at the end. Our patented clamp controls the roll from start to finish.

Handcrafted from beautiful cherry wood, our high quality Paper Towel Holder is reliable, rugged, and built to last for a very reasonable price. It features:

  • A solid base for stability
  • A rear post anchored to the base with two screws
  • Four pivot arms with pins connecting the rear post and clamp
  • A sturdy clamp that holds the roll in place, facilitating one-handed sheet removal
  • A US Design Patent
  • A US Utility Patent


The Hobbye Shoppe, LLC values its customers and is committed to 100% satisfaction. Our objective is to craft a high quality holder at a fair price that is reliable, beautiful, and will work every time it is used.


This Kentucky Proud Paper Towel Holder was selected by the Kentucky Proud committee of Kentucky to be the VIP gift for dignitaries attending the Bluegrass Ball in Washington, DC, for the presidential inauguration.

To qualify as a Kentucky Proud Product, items must be manufactured in Kentucky using materials from within the state.


Our handcrafted, cherry wood paper towel holders make the perfect gift for newly-weds, award winners, and individuals who want to save paper, avoid germs, and get a sheet with only one hand. Order yours and one for a friend today!