About Us – Bill Tuttle and The Hobbye Shoppe, LLC

After 37 years of enjoying company credit cards, free travel, computers, and a brand name that came with corporate success, I gave it all up to enter the world of retirement. Little did I realize the major changes that would ensue. I felt like a ship without a rudder. Many years as a Sylvania executive would not allow me to simply coast along in retirement. I had to find a way to re-energize, to transform myself in order to start over effectively.

I began working with homeschool students, and later became involved helping individuals with physical challenges. It pleased me to see these people produce quality work, and through helping them I discovered a brand-new set of opportunities to help others develop skills and be productive. People with disabilities want to work, to be independent and self-supporting. Drawing from my background in the corporate world, I asked myself, “How can I help them?”

THE HOBBYE SHOPPE, LLC was born to assist individuals with handicaps in developing products and engineering simple ways to build those products. As a result, a high quality, handcrafted Paper Towel Holder and Napkin Holder has evolved that offers superb benefits. Due to their unique design and functionality, two patents have been granted for these products.

These products are certified Kentucky Proud (Certificate # 10254). To qualify as a Kentucky Proud Product, items must be manufactured in Kentucky using materials from within the state.